Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Templars Sanguine ver 0.1

  Well, here they are.  Had some time this evening so I took a swing at painting a test fig for the Templars Sanguine.  This is a test fig I did up to look at the paint scheme up close.  I kind of like it.  The photo's don't really do the Hawk Turquoise justice (Sotek Green, I guess it is called now).

  I do like the starkness of the contrast between the Green and the Red.  You won't lose sight of these guys on the table, but they also don't scream out in Neon highlights. 

  I am wondering what this will look like on some Characters.  My captain and Librarian are waiting for a shiny new coat of paint and I'm still really hesitant to do them.  Anxiety of a lamer-painter :)

  Once I get to the edging and highlighting, I think they will be ok for large scale production.  I used a lot of tips I got from a new tutorial DVD I have that I will be reviewing shortly.  Best DvD I have gotten so far, I must say.