Sunday, January 13, 2013

iPad Software: Quartermaster

Quartermaster Icon
  I just recently purchased Quartermaster for the iPad.  I had tried it a few times in the past, but never really considered it.  This time I tried to actually use it to build a list and went through all it's features.  I have to say, it's pretty darn good.

  First off - It is not Army Builder or even Battlescribe.  It will not prompt you through to make a completely legal and certified tournament list.  If you are not sure if certain combinations of weapons/effects can be used, you will need the codex by your side. 

  That said, if you know what you are doing, and do not want/need your hand held during the list building process, this is a GREAT portable list builder.  You get all the options and none of the overhead.

  To start, you have to get the program, here are the links;

Quartermaster Web Site Link

iTunes direct link

  Then you will need Templates.  Templates are the files used by the program to generate the lists and all the assorted options that come with those lists.  You can either download the Template files or make them yourself.  I'm a lazy bugger, so I downloaded them.  There is a great site for them here;

QM Templates website for Quartermaster Template Files

  Keep in mind, the template files are separate from the program for the same reasons that they are separate for Army Builder and such, Intellectual property/copyright/oh bugger off rules.  It's not a problem with the program or the software, it's just the silly rules we live by.
  Now that you have everything installed, build lists to your hearts content.  It really is as simple as tapping to add the unit, then tap the unit's name to add options to it (like Force Swords and Heavy Bolters and Lascannons, oh my!)  From the main screen, you will see a listing of all your lists built so far (or the two demo lists that come pre-made).  AT the top right is all the menu items.  YOu can edit the templates (or add your own) from here.  The Star button is nice, it allows you to designate favorite lists which are then moved up the screen to be at the top for easy access.  The blue + button makes a new list.  It does not ask for point limits or what rulesets you will be using.  That is up to you.  It does keep a running total of your list points though.

  One thing I had to edit was the fortifications.  The standard lists on the site I link to does not have the fortifications on the lists (must be 5th Ed).  It's no big deal to add them, and that is not a function of the program, again, but the template builder.  

  The beauty of the software is, as you select the unit, you get a pop-up box that shows the name, stat line, wargear and then special rules that apply.  Very handy for in-game uses.

  Now where the software shines for me is when you have fiddled up your list the way you like it and you're ready to go.  Now you hit the clipboard icon on the top right and you get all your distribution options. You can e-mail the list from here or Print it out (Air Print works just fine from this app).

  The print options are ver nice, but you can also export the list in "forum code" which is the bb code that most forums use to format texts in your forum posts.  This makes it VERY handy to post your lists on all the different sites (DakkaDakka, anyone?).  Very Cool Feature.  I made an example list (in about 2 minutes) so you can see the output, they are at the bottom of the post.

  So all in all, I have to give QuarterMaster an A or a score of 91%.  It does what it says it will do, it has great features for getting your list out of the iPad and onto Paper, e-mail or forums.  You can pretty much manage the output into whatever you want.

  Good Stuff!


Templars Mordain (copy) (Space_Marines)

HQ - 490
Rhodan (Space Marine Captain) (340)
bolt pistol; power weapon; melta bombs; digital weapons.
• Command Squad: 3× chainsword; power fist; 3× boltgun/bolt pistol; meltagun; 4× melta bombs.
• Razorback

Gunther (Space Marine Librarian) (150)
Epistolary; Force Dome; Might of the Ancients; bolt pistol.

Elites - 290
Venerable Dreadnought (165)

5 Sternguard Veterans (125)

Troops - 430
TacSquad Gunther (10 Tactical Marines) (220)
plasma gun; multi-melta.

TacSquad Jerome (10 Tactical Marines) (210)
meltagun; missile launcher.

Fast Attack - 130
Stormtalon Gunship (130)

Heavy Support - 300
Vindicator (115)

Whirlwind (85)

Fury of Dorn (Thunderfire Cannon) (100)


[b][u]Templars Mordain (copy) (Space_Marines)[/u][/b]
[u]HQ - 490[/u]
[b]Rhodan (Space Marine Captain)[/b] (340)
bolt pistol; power weapon; melta bombs; digital weapons.
• [b]Command Squad[/b]: 3× chainsword; power fist; 3× boltgun/bolt pistol; meltagun; 4× melta bombs.
• [b]Razorback[/b]

[b]Gunther (Space Marine Librarian)[/b] (150)
Epistolary; Force Dome; Might of the Ancients; bolt pistol.

[u]Elites - 290[/u]
[b]Venerable Dreadnought[/b] (165)

[b]5 Sternguard Veterans[/b] (125)

[u]Troops - 430[/u]
[b]TacSquad Gunther (10 Tactical Marines)[/b] (220)
plasma gun; multi-melta.
• [b]Razorback[/b]

[b]TacSquad Jerome (10 Tactical Marines)[/b] (210)
meltagun; missile launcher.
• [b]Rhino[/b]

[u]Fast Attack - 130[/u]
[b]Stormtalon Gunship[/b] (130)

[u]Heavy Support - 300[/u]
[b]Vindicator[/b] (115)

[b]Whirlwind[/b] (85)

[b]Fury of Dorn (Thunderfire Cannon)[/b] (100)