Sunday, April 7, 2013

Something DONE! - Manufactorum and Night Scythe

  It's a Christmas miracle...  well, an April miracle?  I actually have things done for a change.  While I would love to take all the credit, my wife stepped in and did some.

  My wife offered to help paint stuff, and since she is quite good anyhow, I figured how could I go wrong, right?  So I gave her the manufactorum I built from the Imperial Sector set.  Wow, did she knock it out of the park.  It looks so good, pictures don't seem to catch the subtle shading.  My lousy photo skills make it seem clunky and blocky,  but it looks smashing! 

I can't wait to base this with some rubble and make it look great.  It will be a grand addition to the tabletop!

  Yes, I did something too.  I finished my Necron Night Scythe.  I think it came out pretty well, I like it.  I'm not big into weathering so, be prepared.  My particular Necron force is sort of a blue themed bunch with copper as their base color.  I don't like the chain-mail look that a lot of Necrons have. 

  So without further ado... here it is...

  The blending was all done with airbrush, and it was not meant to be super gradual.  The center area is all copper and a little chainmail with a badab black wash.  The lines are all hand painted (carefully) into the recesses with vermillion paint.  Gives it quite a striking contrast, I think.

  No BatRep this week.  Our schedules got all messed up this week.  Hopefully next week we will have the three way bat rep, Space Wolves, my new Chaos and Pam's Tyranids...