Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tablescapes (Secret Weapon Minis) Kickstarter is UP!

  Just a quick note to let everyone know that the kick starter is up for the Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescapes boards.

  The link, direct to the kickstarter is here.

  If you don't know, these are some great boards made by SWM.  They are 12" x 12" and will fit together modularly (Is that a word?)  Anyhow, they'll butt up together in all kinds of configurations.  The first version is for the scrap yard sets, a good choice since it is relatively generic and can represent any kind of modern through Sci-Fi setting.

  They have a very cool system to link the tiles together, WAY better than the GW clips.  And cost?  ROFL, yeah, they're WAY cheaper than GWs boards...  like 40% cheaper, according to MrJustin.

  So roll on over and buy you a set, you'll love them!