Sunday, October 13, 2013

Laser Cut Card - Cyborg Sentinal (twin pack)

  Hiya folks,  Just a quick review of another FANTASTIC kit from Laser Cut Card. This one is the Cyborg Sentinel Twin-pack.  As you may recall, I built the previous incarnation kit, the Monolith and I was thoroughly jazzed with it.  Well, this kit is even, and I mean A LOT better!!

  As you can see in the pic right here, the Sentinals have a nice angle to them, unlike the monolith, which is a square.  Also, gone is the cardstock crystal, replaced by the green power crystals that mount into the holders perfectly.  The package comes with 2 complete Sentinals, as you see here.  Ingenious cut outs in the 'sprue' allow the crystals to ship relatively flat in the package.

  Assembly is dead easy, even more than the square monolith.  I like the fact that all the stuff in the symbols on the sides is 'backed up' by a small piece of card that you glue in.  You can see it in the pic below.  That means the highlight painting is even easier on this kit!

I'll pass on the pics of the rest of build, but you'll be able to see from images, they are a snap to build.  The only hard part was getting the first side glued onto the piece.  Lining it up is a stone cold Bit#c.

All the panels painted and ready for final assembly. 

Before the side pieces are installed.  Needs some paint touch up :)

The crystal topper, very easy and now with cool crystals!!

And voila!  there it is!

Another awesome kit from Neal over at Laser Cut Card!  You simply cannot go wrong with this guys stuff!