Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween - Great time for bits boxes!!

Halloween, what a great time for the bits box.  Just wanted to quickly share some items I bought at the spirit store today.  All of this is for my 40k bits box, none for the holiday yet...

This is a shot of the Teeth necklace, the skull actually caught my eye though, that skull will be a great scenery addition somewhere, and I may even make a mold of it to just duplicate the front half.  The teeth, well, what Ork scenery would be complete without some teef lying around??

Blood drop Jewels, do these not just SCREAM blood angels???  Perfect for drop pods, buildings, you name it.  Awesome sauce!

Just like the necklace, but with more skulls. 

Skull pile anyone?  With some flat paint and touch ups, these are a charnel pool for any Demon world!
  So, like I said, quick post with just some ideas!  Enjoy!!