Friday, October 11, 2013

Talk Wargaming Network

  Quick post, heading out to Feast of Blades here soon.  Joined the Talk Wargaming Network today.  This is a new blog alliance and I like the direction it's going in a lot.  Quite a few things to recommend it.

  • The web widget you get is not just a banner ad, it's also a mini-blogroll of the last 7 posts made in the network.  Very cool and makes life easier, nothing to update at all.
  • Fast response from the guys.  I had just barely e-mailed my request to join when I got confirmed that I was in.
  • There is a crap ton of content already there on the main site.  Tutorials, tactics articles, reviews, you name it.  It's a feature rich!  All I can hope is that I can add a little something worthwhile now and then.

  So, if you're a blogger, and looking for a network (and who isn't?), this is one to definitely check out!!

See ya after the Feast!!!!