Friday, October 25, 2013

Feast of Blades, Grex and Dropzone Commander

  How cool is that badge number?  I was "the Devil's Con-Goer"  or the Devils's geek...

  So, Feast of Blades was on a three day weekend, and I managed to sneak up there for the day to watch the happenings.  I also wanted to see the vendors, especially Spikey Bits, since they would have the Grex Airbrush stuff there, and I wanted a new airbrush!!  Lets face it, I went for the vendors.  I also wanted to go to Ikea and the GW store up in Denver, and Caboose Hobbies too.  So, it may have been a whirlwind trip, but it was fun.

I didn't play anything that mattered, and I only was able to watch for a while, but it seemed to be running very smoothly and I didn't see any hiccups while I was there.  The open and the invitational seemed to go very well.  Never saw any rage, and people seemed to be enjoying their games.  I'm not the kind that goes up and butts in, so who knows, maybe everyone hated everyone?  LOL.  Saw a large number of Eldar and Taudar lists, as you might imagine.

  I had a great time at the vendors too, Spikey bits had a decent sized area for people to shop in, and most importantly, they were selling KR Multicase stuff and Grex Airbrushes.  I managed to buy another KR case, so know I only need about 20 more... lol.  I also picked up...

  Dropzone Commander... Heresy, I know.  A non-40k game.  But it looks like great fun and I wanted to try it.  10mm scale battles and the background fluff sounds pretty cool.  The 2 player starter box is a really good deal, since you get all the forces you need and terrain, card buildings that assemble very easily and look damn good in this scale.

I also picked up...

  It's the Grex Tritium.TS airbrush.  It's a very cool airbrush with a pistol grip handle, side feed and it is very comfortable to use.  It comes with a slew of equipment, too.  2 paint cups and 1 paint bottle as well, so it will handle any size job you have.  Bryant Dunbar was at the Con, demoing the brushes, and if you go to the website, you'll see some of his painting videos.  He took a great deal of time explaining and demoing the brush to me, and everyone else that came up.  If he is the face of the company, they are in great shape!  He did a smashing job of explaining everything and answering everyone's questions!

  The brush feels very good in the hand, and the pistol trigger seems like it violates the double action principle, but it doesn't.  It's hard to explain, but as you pull the trigger, the air starts, then you hit a resistance point where the paint flow starts.  Once you get the hang of it, it is very natural and the paint flows beautifully.

  Another cool feature is the magnetic tip caps they use.  The picture shows the all around standard  cap on the tip, but it also comes with a crown tip on the rear of the brush.  You can change the tips in an instant, so if you have issues with paint building up on the cap, this will definitely work for you.  You can even run like a rebel and have no crown, for super close detail work.  Just be careful not to dork up the needle!

  I have painted some base-coats with it so far, and I will be trying more detail stuff this weekend,  I'll let you know how it goes.  Kind of expensive, but it seems very well worth the investment.  Comfortable to use, lots of accessories, handy features - so far A+.

And now, some general shots of the con and some games in progress.  Saw some very nice paint jobs as well as some 3 color jobs too.  It was a great day at the con, and next year, next year dangit, I'll be in it! :)

Nice paint jobs, crappy photographer!

Cool, simple terrain

Love that building.  Simple and easy area terrain.  Minimum investment too, foam and few building side pieces.

Rawr!  Titan to the rescue, sah!

Are all their tails really straight?

Can you say Apoc?