Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Quick Tip - Airbrush cleaning with interdental brushes

  Good morning all.  Just a quick tip for those with, or considering airbrushes.  Rule #1 for good airbrush use is to keep it clean.  That means a good scrub now and then.  Well, I went and bought the set of 5 airbrush cleaning brushes from a well known source and was mightily disappointed.

  First, they tend to loose bristles, and that makes cleaning even harder.  After a few of the bristles come out, I get nervous about using them, because they are rolled wire and I think it may scratch the soft brass of the airbrush innards.  Also, there are three sized of brushes on the ring that you will hardly ever use.  So you pay that extra bit for nada.

  Enter the interdental brushes.  I got my package at a CVS pharmacy, but I'm certain any decent druggist or pharmacy will have something like these.

  The great things about these;

  • Cheap - I bought a pack of 36 for about $6
  • Graduated size of bristles.  You can use 'just the tip' (sorry Screaming Heretics :) for detail cleaning or stuff it all in for deep cleaning
  • Tough - The bristles do not fall out, nor does the wire bend leaving you with a crooked, useless piece of scrap.
  • Disposable - use it and trash it.  very simple.
  So, just a quick tip for you to enjoy.  Give them a look, they may save you some headaches.