Monday, January 6, 2014

Woods! I need more Woods

  So I've been thinking, I have made a ton of urban scenery for my board(s), but I like the mysterious woods as well.  Soooo, I needed some woods.  I made a base and was getting ready to magnetize some tree trunks when I went to the GW store in Denver.  There I saw the Citadel Wood.

  Not exactly the coolest looking trees ever, but it would also save a lot of time and let me get something on the table quickly.  So, "what the hell"  I said to myself, and picked it up.  It turned out to be not too bad, overall.  The leaf attachments were not something I was interested in at all, but they looked like they would be very easy to paint and make look good.

  I wanted each of the trees to look subtly different and even markedly different if possible.  Walking through the forest, you rarely see two of the same trees.  (Speaking as a North-easterner at heart... not desert forests, pine forests, birch groves etc...)  They also needed to look semi alien, but very recognizable as trees.  I did not succeed on the alien part, my forest-sense got the better of me :)

  Basically, the trees and the base were primed with Valejo Surface primer, then I mixed Artist acrylic tube paints to make a suitable base color.  A very light brown.  After that I painted on Army Painter QuickShade dark tone.  Yes, I painted it on, not dipped it.  I wanted it to cover but be streaky and spotty at the same time.  After that came many different dry-brushes with different Acrylic paints until I got three distinct, but decent looking trees.

  The base was just primed, painted and then washed a bit.  Then I hit it with a PVA/Water mix and stuck the flock down.  The rocks were painted gray and then highlighted with black lightly to bring out their textures.  Then the whole mess was matte finished to secure it all.

  Even though it took months to actually finish, this was a really quick project in terms of time spent.  Maybe a few hours all told?

  So, if you're after some pretty easy woods bases for your boards, you could do worse.  Not too bad of a kit.  And just so you know, the trees do pop off the base so you can maneuver figures and hands through there more easily.  They are good and tight fit, so they don't flop and fall down on ya.

More pics after the break...  the jump break that is...  it says  "Read More >>" and it's down a bit :)

Base coated

Army Painter shading added.  This was painted on, not dipped

Closer look at painted on quick shade

Base highlighted a little with washes and rocks painted

Rocks lightly highlighted with Payne's Gray and bone for effect



Finished in the photo booth

Finished not in the photo booth...  lol