Saturday, January 18, 2014

The gift... The Armorcast Reaver Titan

  There are days in your life that you just wonder, "What have I done right?"  Friday was one of those days for me, in a big way!  Let me tell you a story...

  So, my friend Matt, a long time WH40K aficionado, former store owner and general font of knowledge has been dangling a Yule present in front of me for a while now.  He has been dropping hints, teasers and otherwise taunting my very presence!  The latest hints were the worst...  'Oh yeah, part of your present just came in today... from England...'  And then, Thursday, the picture came in a text message...  No, not a full shot of what the gift might be, but a macro shot of a small part of what it was.  I am not ashamed to say, I had my head in the GW and FW catalogs for quite a while, and I still couldn't place the part.

  Well, Friday night was game night at Matt's house (Zombicide, for those of you who care :), and of course, the reveal was in full swing.  When he told me to look on top of the mantle piece... I think my draw dropped off, and I remember making a comment on the order of "you dick!"  (A really nice thing to say to a friend who just caused your mind to explode... LOL).  To be honest,  I was speechless and floored!  It rocked my entire night, I don't think I had a cohesive thought for the rest of the evening, and not even from the wine :)

So here is what was on the mantlepiece...
  Yes, that is what you think it is, and for those of you who don't recall, it is the genuine Armorcast Reaver Titan.  (Armorcast is the entity that was around before ForgeWorld, not the new company that does scenery and special effects.)  This is a BIG monster, and heavy too.  This particular Titan came with a power fist arm, chain-sword arm and the Vulcan Mega-Bolter.  Of course, the Apocalypse missile launcher on top, in case you need to... WIPE OUT THE BOARD!  32 tons of sheer bad-assery!

  I had so much stuff to do today (The wife informed me we were going to movies today...) that all I have had a chance to do is mock him up for the pictures.  Tomorrow starts the prep work, preliminary design and soul searching.  I have to get the paint on this guy right, no excuses here.  He is too big and way too cool to take chances with.  I will be making some 3D printed icons for him to bring him into my chapter (Templars Sanguine).  I also have my etched brass making kit, and I think he may be the first recipient of that little gem as well.

  Yes, my head is still swimming from the enormity of it all!  I don't think I have ever gotten a gift like this before, truly unexpected and absolutely amazing.  You can surely say, I am blessed with greatest friends.  I honestly do not know what I have done right,  but I have the coolest Titan on the block!!!!

Here is one painted up, so you can see the coolness...  Just snagged the image from the web, it's not mine or anyone I know.