Monday, March 17, 2014

Imperial Knight Build - Day 4

  Well, it was an unfortunately short painting day for a sunday.  NASCAR and Formula 1 racing took alot of my day and then the plumbing backed up.  UGH!  Still, I did get some airbrushing done on the armor...

  Well, here is the overview of the progress thus far.  I am going with Xereus Purple and the Fang for the main colors.  Oddly enough, I am going to make this a House Hawkshroud Knight, but i don't like yellow (The color or painting it...).  In my fluff, This Knight has been on an extended mission for over 50 years.  I figure in that time, and with his penchant for pinpoint night raids, he toned down the bright yellow.
   I have fallen in love with the Sotar 20/20 airbrush (Thanks Carl!!).  The pinpoint control, as well as my ever increasing airbrush skills, makes it my go to brush for detail work.  Getting a good mix and thinning on the paint and spraying with a low air pressure seems to be the real key with this brush.
  This is the result of the first go on the purple.  For me, this is very little overspray. :)
  Once again, I used the silly putty to mask everything, although I didn't get many pictures of it. I rolled out the silly putty into a thin strip and then used it to mask the lines.  The nice part was being able to use sculpting tools to push it down to make the seal, but also to move it around to better conform to what I wanted painted.
    And again, the finished results.  One thing to remember if you use Silly Putty to mask.  It does flow, and it does not take long to start that flowing process.  Do not mask something and then come back in an hour, the putty will have flowed a bit and you will not get the results you expected.  But if you are going to mask then go right to painting, it's brilliant!  Thank you Les Bursley!!!

  Hopefully, more tomorrow!