Monday, March 10, 2014

Titan Priming (Reaver and Knight)

  Ahhh Sunday, best day of the week, in my opinion...  Do you know why?  It's priming day.  Spent all day Saturday building my Imperial Knight (Errant version) and then looked over at the "To Prime" pile.  I still have the Reaver Titan and the Necron NightShroud in bare resin and plastic.  So I knew, that Sunday would be priming day.  I learned a few things too.

  #1.  Do not drop your very freshly primed Reaver Titan Carapace onto the carpeted floor.  Especially do not do this if your little dog has just been through shedding...  Yes, the carapace was a total loss (primer-wise, that is) and had to go to the Simple Green Pool for primer removing.

  Luckily the primer was still very soft so a quick hour long bath in the simple green bag-of-doom was enough to just lift off the primer in sheets.  Otherwise I would have been a very unhappy camper.

#2.  The Valejo Surface primer does not need to be thinned at all, really.  It just needs to be sprayed at a higher PSI than I thought.  I found that 25-30 PSI was the magic number to avoid sludge build up and get consistent results.

#3. The Grex airbrush, with the magnetic crown tip is fantastic!  Every time I would get a little build up (Dry-tip) I could just pluck off the crown, run a Q-tip through it and clean it right out.  Pop the tip back on and back in business.  This airbrush was a true workhorse today and even running the primer through it for about a 5 hour stretch, I only had to really clean it once.  I did run some airbrush cleaner solution through it after about every 5 cupfulls of primer though.

#4. Priming two Titans and a Nightshroud will eat up a lot of primer.  Make sure you have enough on hand when you start a session like this.

#5. The blow dryer is your friend.  Seriously, being able to blow dry these parts helped immensely.

So, all in all it was a good hobby day.  Watched the NASCAR race and also the new COSMOS series with Neil deGrasse Tyson (Fantastic new edition, major kudos to the whole team there!!!) and got a large set of items off my KanBan "to prime" column!

The Knight Errant before
And after...

Necron Goodness!!!