Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Imperial Knight Build - Day 7 - Done!

  Woooohoooo, it's done.  And I shall ever remember the pain of it all.  I had intended to get this all done on Saturday, so it would be a true, 7 day build.  Alas, events intervened and my lower left molar (teef!) decided to get an abscess.  It's been a long time since I have felt pain like this.  Several trips to the doctor to get it drained and it keeps going nuts.  I'm on antibiotics now, and the swelling is going down.  But, joy of joys, once the swelling is gone, we get to do a root canal...

  So, I was only able to a little work on Saturday, and a little Sunday.  Finished the base today.  I am really jazzed with how he came out.  Especially the decals.  I always worry with them, but I followed all the rules and they came out pretty good.  The matte finishing was a real trial too.  I started by spraying some Valejo matte finish through the airbrush, but it frosted really badly on some pieces, on other is was fine?  How odd!  I was able to take it outside on Sunday and shoot a coat of GW's Purity Seal on it, and it toned down the frosting a lot.

  For the decals, I finally did it the right way from start to finish.  I put gloss varnish on the pieces first and let it dry.  I used Micro-Set to ready the area and then cut and dipped the decal.  Nudged them into position with the brush and then blotted up the excess.  For the curved areas, I followed that up with a coating of Micro-Sol to get them to soften up and hug the contours of the model.

  So, all in all, this is a great model.  It was fun to build, a blast to paint and the options are fantastic.  The pose options are great, and the instructions are very clear on how to put all the fiddly-bits together.  I hope you all like it.  Bring on the D!!! 

  On with the in-process pictures;

  Some shots of the Decal work in progress.  Very happy with how they turned out.

   Did some work on the end of the Melta gun to make it look better than just a black barrel.  Got pretty brave after I saw how the eyes came out. :)

After the jump, pictures from every angle!!!

  That is all.  Ciao for now.