Thursday, March 20, 2014

Imperial Knight Build - Day 6

  Ahhh, day 6.  I looked forward to today with dread.  I'm not a good washer and detailer.  I told myself I would be patient, try to remember all the videos I have watched, and just work at it.

  What followed was not too bad at all, I think.  I'm normally pretty critical, and in the photos, I'm sure folks will see a lot of errors, but I have the benefit of looking at it from tabletop distance, and it doesn't look to shabby at all.  I still have lots of little details to hit, and I certainly will not make my 7 day goal, but I am also not going to rush this.  I want this to be the first model I am really proud to say I painted.  I love my necrons, but I think they show signs of amateurishness.  Not that I'm a pro, but after I get all my marines and eldar and chaos (LOL) done, I may revisit the boys in cyber suits.

  Tonight was pretty much pin-point washes, washing the gold, drybrushing the gold and picking out some details.  Hope you like them, and if you have constructive criticisms, feel free, as always.  I can take it... I'll only cry on the inside... LOL :)

  More tomorrow, maybe.  I have an appointment with the accountant for the dreaded tax season.  I may be needing some time in hospital!