Monday, May 5, 2014

DropZone Commander - Starter Set Build

And now... for something completely different.

  Well, it happened.  I have been holding on to this 2 player starter set of Dropzone Commander since Feast of Blades (2103).  An opportunity finally came up to play it, but one big problem.  I found out Saturday night that I would be playing Monday night.  I have to wrok Monday too.  So, a lot of hurried building and frenzied painting later, I present to you, this.  My starter box set all painted (minus the infantry, I have to paint them still, and base them, but I need to learn a bit more about how they will work, squad-wise before I commit to a paint scheme and base scheme.)

Here goes...

 All the models, built and waiting to prime. 
 Thank god for Army Painter colored primers!  The UCM forces got a coating of uniform grey.  I'm going after an alpine theme for them.  The Scourge got Gun Metal primer.  They're going to be... well, scourge color. 
   For the UCM, I used the Sotar 20/20 to spray on some Valejo game color Wolf Grey in a camo pattern.  The metal bits (treads and weapons) got leadbelcher from GW.  After that I hit them with my Payne's Grey wash.  They came out very nice, in person.  The photo kinda sucks a bit.
   The Scourge force got randomly airbrushed with Minitaire Ghost Tint Blue and Valejo Game Color Transparent green.  The eyes got VGC Bloody red and the vents got brown shade.  Makes a convincing rusty color.
   That's it.  A little gloss medium on the eyes and glass areas and they are done.  Took all day, but actual work time was about 4-5 hours.  The rhino is there for size reference.  28mm vs 10mm...