Thursday, May 15, 2014

Forge World HH3, GW Binders and Frontline Gaming Space Mat

  Wow, last week was a big order delivery week.  Seemed like every day I had a new box arriving with stuff in it.  Very fun.  Too bad I was swamped with other things to do!  So without further ado, here are the toys as received;

   The Horus heresy Series book 3 collector's edition.  As if the others weren't good enough, this one takes the cake!  Limited to 1500 copies (mine was 337) and worth every penny, as you might imagine from FW.  The bindings and all the accoutrements are the same high quality as all the others.  This plus the fact that the set makes a nice display for all three books makes it a HUGE plus.  Well done, FW.
  Book 3 is every bit as good as the first two, if not better.  Adding the Raven Guard (yay) sold me, as if I wouldn't have gotten it anyhow.  The Mechanicum information is a huge plus.  The campaign system is totally fresh and new, and from my cursory read through, looks like a lot of fun.  It's a smaller scale than the others, as the battles in this book are mostly smaller scale as well.  There are rules and procedures for heroes and wounds, etc.  Play on a 4'x4' board too.  I have to read more into this and really dig into it, but it looks awesome. 

   The other two books are the compilations of the army lists and gear from the entire trilogy.  A very nice touch and very handy to have compiled into one book.  Love them!!
   Now, does that not look cool?
   Yeah, I did it.  Yes, I think Horus was a wussy (see Horus the Wussy Warmaster) but I did like the guy before he wimped out and went all chaosy.  The miniature is amazing, and I am really looking forward to this one!!
  He has a large base, but he is removable for use on the table as well.  The cast looks solid and clean.

  I also got the Space Battle mat from Frontline gaming, and you can see it underneath all the above pics.  It is the same super high quality as the alpine mat I already have.  These things are really the shiznit.  You gotta get ya some!!
   I got my shipment of GWs new White Dwarf binders.  These are very cool and if you have ever spent time in Europe, you'll be familiar with them.  You don't see them so much over here stateside though.  It is just a binder with 13 very tight strings running along the spine.
   Thar be the strings, see em?  They run lengthwise, along the spine.  There is also some nice art on the inside covers.  I find the easiest way to insert the issues is to scrunch all the strings to the far right side of the binder, then slide one over and insert the magazine.  When your done, you have this...
  It puts 13 magazines into a binder (one quatrter of the year) and at your finger tips.  Keeps them from getting torn up, and some day, when you e-bay them, you'll be able to get more for them :)

  Take care, gentle-readers.  Enjoy your day!