Thursday, May 1, 2014

LR Achilles WIP #2 - Details

  Back home, and got the airplane crud.  Fever and chills, you know, the stuff you get from being on an airplane for 8 hours...  Oh well.  I felt ok for a while and decided to do some more work on the Land Raider Achilles.  And here it is...

 The side door had to be 'wallered' out (enlarged) in order to be able to get the 9 volt battery in and out.  I could have used the cool small battery that PoweredPlay gaming sells (I got two with the kickstarter package) but I wanted to save those for really tight spaces.  I also magnetized the door so it would pop in and out easily.
 Well, every big gun needs ammo, and the more ammo, the better, right?  So I tossed on a bit more ammo.  Added some brass Black Templar bits too.  The Ammo crate didn't look right though.  It would fall off if the thing accelerated...
   So, I put the twist on some copper wire and made a couple of swages.  I used  bent up paper clip for the grab irons. 
   Then I got a bit crazy with the grab irons and I figured this beast would need a tow cable too.  So on went a few more grabs and a tow rope.  Had a little fun with it.
 Every tank needs a number, Thank you MrJustin at SecretWeaponMiniatures for the roman numerals!
  Last, but not least, Squadron green putty to fill all the gaps.  I still have to sand it all smooth and make it look good, but she is basically ready to prime.