Thursday, May 29, 2014

WH40K 7th thoughts and Achilles LR WIP

  Well, 7th is here and the posturing has begun.  There is much love, much hate and lots of opinions.  I, for one, will not venture forth much for opinions, because it is still too new, but I have to say  like what I see so far.

  The Tourny crowd is much disappointed, and I am too, for them.  There is alot that will have to be modified to make the game competition friendly, but I think the tourny crowd actually likes that, even as they outwardly bemoan the holes and issues with the rules.  This gives them a chance to dig in their heels and get dirty, making the rules work better.  I'm sure they'll figure it out, too.  They're a pretty smart lot.

  For me, I love the rules, and I love the FAQs that came out.  Although my Necron's lost the douche canoe (Ind Char on a CCB) it is still a powerful piece with a standard Necron Lord aboard.  The Grey Wolves got a serious smackdown, and I can only hope a codex issues forth soon for them so they get their identity back.  I love the destruction of JoWW, but still, it leaves the wolves alot like any other chapter of marines, albeit adding wolves and fangs.  But still, I love the clarifications, the straightforward style of the rules and the reduction of ambiguity that has taken place.  The psychic phase is replete with fun, I think, although the boys from Frontline gaming certainly showed how it can get weird... I LOVE the mission cards, and yes, I saw the batrep from FLG on that too.  That was so one sided it almost seemed to be destined to show the cards at their very worst.  But, I have also seen numbers of reports of the cards being just great fun, and not that one sided.  I'm looking forward to using them.  My munitorium edition of the rules came in last night, but I had a 16 hour day at work and will do the unboxing tonight!

  But now, the Achilles!  I got alot more work done, although it doesn't look like it.  I added some more iconography and ended up making molds to cast some pieces for my chapter.  The mold making process chewed up alot of time, because I had to do all the mold making, clean up the hobby room, organize the shelves and so on.  Like any other project, what seemed simple turned into a memorial day weekend consumer. 

  Here is where I am so far, emperor willing, I'll get it primed tonight!

 I cast a smoke discharger from an older kit, I hate the new ones.  This one nestles nicely on the right fender.  It came out well, too.  Once drilled out, it looks very good.
 Yep, newbie model maker mistake #1...  I painted the tracks, then glued them on before I primed the model.  So, my punishment for stupidity is I got to mask them...
More templar icons,  The winged templar icon I made myself from some old Blood angel and templar bits.  My chapter, the Templars Sanguine, fit quite nicely with the logo.  Ready to prime now...  yay!

  See ya soon, be well!