Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Age of Sigmar App review - update

  Well, they did it, they updated the app so it's only fair that I update my review.

Still lame - but getting better.  Not worth the $$ yet, that's for sure.

So, the fixes that I can see are;

-- In the book section, you don't lose your place every time you open the book.  It used to start you back at page 1 every time you opened or switched back to it.  This was a major bummer.  While the advertisement says this update adds a table of contents, I can only see this table of contents on my iPhone.  It does not work on the iPad.  They also say you can "re-download" the book using a "long press gesture".  No freaking idea what that is, and nothing I seem to try will re-download the book.  So, the book is still pretty much useless for anything other than a quick read of the fluffy bits.
 <Edit - 1752MST - You can get chapters on the iPad version, you just have to delete the app and re-download it, restore your purchases and download the book again.  Crappy programming!> 

-- The new "how to paint" section is actually just an opportunity for you to buy the e-book version of the how to paint Age of Sigmar book.  There is no 'how to paint' section of the program.

-- You can now buy individual war-scrolls that you don't have unlocked from the book purchases.  Again, this is freaking annoying, since if you buy the hard cover or e-version, you have no way to tell the app and unlock them in the app unless you pay for it again.  Worthless ass money-grubbing.  But at least you can buy all the scrolls for 99 cents each.  <what a freaking joke>

-- The rules section works now.  Wow, it took weeks to un-f%&k up a 4 page pdf?  The 8 year old programmer must have gotten to that page in the objective-c programming book.

  So, where before I gave this an F-minus for shitty execution and crappy programming, I will upgrade it to an D-plus for shitty execution and crappy programming, but some fixes.

  I must still advise you to run away from this garbage.  Perhaps I should clarify, run away from purchasing books on this garbage.  Having the rules and scrolls is pretty handy overall though, so it is worth the download.

  Also, I was asked to clarify where I came from on this, so I should say that I use a couple of things for my opinion.  First, the utility of the enhanced editions of the 40k codexes.  Second, the Privateer press digital rulebooks and their War-Room apps, both of which are pretty damned decent apps overall.  Lastly, I have programmed in almost every major language since high-school (in 1982).  So, that's where it all comes from.

  See ya soon!!