Sunday, August 9, 2015

Citadel Brushes (cont) and Age of Sigmar WIP

  Well, it was a crazy weekend, but I did manage to get some work done on the AoS stuff.  While doing so, I got to check out the new Retributor Armour spray Paint from GW.

  Have to say, this is expensive, but it is VERY very gold colored.  With the exception of some non modeling paints, this is the best metallic spray paint I have seen.  In my time with the USAF, I have seen some very special purpose metallic sprays, but the cost of those was in the thousands of $$ per can.  Yes, this stuff is $28 bucks a can, but it is a HUGE time saver for the AoS Eternals and I like it.

  I also had the opportunity to play around more with the Citadel brushes and I am very displeased with the medium Layer brush in the range.  It could not keep a point and it splayed like nobody's business.  It was almost impossible to work with.  The other layer brushes were very good to use and held up rather well.  The glaze brush and wash brushes also did quite well.

  Anyhow, some quick WIP shots.  I'm kind of following the Duncan Rhodes method on these, but I am not taking a ton of time on them.  These are 'just for fun' models :)  I'm going with the gold armour look, but with green theme instead of the blue like the 'book' models.  The base coat will be Incubi darkness followed by some green layers.  We shall see...

Primed with Stynlyryzzzzz black and sprayed with GW Retributor Armour.  it is VERY gold in person and quite durable.  No flecking or peeling.

Terrible angle, but the troops with their wash on...

Retributors with some of the base coats and some washes on.

  Have to mention, I picked up my Apple watch on Saturday.  Very odd it is, I'm not sure if I love it, or if I just wasted a ton of $$??  time will tell...  HAH, get it?  time will tell???  Apple watch???  (I kill me...)