Thursday, August 13, 2015

Age of Sigmar - WIP 2, now with terrain

  Who knew, something like Age of Sigmar could get me fired up to paint again? 

  But it did, and I am.  Here are my Retributors, almost done except for basing and some highlighting.  I know, I'm no Duncan Rhodes :)

  I do try though.  Getting a little better at the highlighting, but I have to work on my brush control a lot!!

  I also started work on a terrain piece of my own design.  Ages ago, I cut up some foam board into little blocks on the band saw.  I was going to make a castle for a D&D game, but got sidetracked.  I stumbled on these and thought, hey, there is a ruined building in there!  It's glued down and basecoated.  Needs a bunch of paint, details and texture still, but it is a start!  Generic enough for D&D, WH40k and AoS now...

On with the pics... let me know what you think, try not to laugh to hard :)

  Going for the gold armour, green details, in case you weren't aware...  I love the citadel Liberator gold layer paint, new for the Sigmar release.  It's very smooth and VERY gold, perfect highlight for the Retributor Armor gold paint.  I guess they planned that.  heh heh he.  On with the ruins;

  Reasonably simplistic, but I think it will look good once it's painted up and debris/grass/wood tossed around.

  See ya soon!  Play more games! (thank Wil Wheaton!)