Sunday, August 2, 2015

Age of Sigmar IOS App = junk

  Folks, you know me as the GW apologist, I freely admit it.  But I'm here today to warn you off downloading the app and then buying the book in the Age of Sigmar app for IOS.  It's just not ready yet.  In fact, it's waaaay not ready.  It seems to work ok on the phone, but the iPad version is just junk. 

  Here is the review I gave it on iTunes  (a 1 star review)

Wow, is this ever lame.  Free app, sure, but you get nothing for that. You spend the $50.00 for the book and guess what?  It's useless!  No bookmarks, no annotations, nothing to make it even remotely useful. Free rules?  Not hardly. My copy has not ever displayed the rules, not once. This is bad programming and money-grubbing to the extreme. Run, do not walk, away from this loser.  Spend your $50 on the real book.
   When you spend the $50+ for the book, you get a crappy copy of the book that does not even have the layout done correctly.  The typeface is incorrect and you get a lot of blending and overtyping, especially on the headings.  You cannot bookmark it, annotate it or anything.  Hell, it does not even have a table of contents to go to different parts.  You have to MANUALLY flip through the thing to get to pages you want.  Forget flipping back and forth through the scenarios.  The "rules" icon does not work, and never has for me.  (It does work on the phone though, just not the ipad version).

  It does load up and display the data sheets for your units, and allows you to flag sheets for the game your playing, so that is cool, but this app is not done and not ready.  There is no way to flip through your data sheets, you have to close one and open another.  It's as if they had a programmer slap this thing out in 30 minutes and then forgot about it.  Pure drivel.  

  Just remember, these are my experiences and ymmv.  The iPhone app seems to work decently, but I use the iPad app, and that is my choice of platforms. (old eyes don't like phone screens... lol)  I expected something on the order of the enhanced Codices from 40k and got junk. <sigh>

  So, take this as you see fit..