Saturday, February 9, 2013

GW Store Denver and Otter Stuff

  Yep, that's no misprint.  I said Otter stuff.

  So, I went up to Denver this weekend for a quick trip and some serious shopping.  After the great desk debacle of 2012, I have really needed a computer room make-over.  Since the guys from HGTV are not coming to the state of New Mexico anytime soon, I have to do it myself.  Enter Ikea.  Oh, yeah, Euro-goodness. More on that later. 

  The weekend started bad and went downhill.  I'll spare all the drama, suffice to say, I'm sick as a dog, but managed to shop and at least get to the aquarium.  Enter, the otters...

  Ok, enough of the terminally cute otters.

  I have to say, Square One in Denver is a great GW store.  It's a small shop, but the owner is a stand up guy and he runs a good shop.  I spent WAY too much money there, with the highlight being a brand new Realm of Battle GameBoard set.  Other purchases included;

Ball Predator
Space Marine BattleBarge (Battlefleet Gothic)
Space Marine Strike Cruiser (Battlefleet Gothic)
Blood Angles Sanguinary Guards
A Warhammer Wraith (Vampire counts) (to convert a Necron Wraith)
Some Termagaunts and Brood Lord (For the wife's Nid Force)
And fa la la la...

  Yeah, i dropped some hard earned money there, but hey, I'm trying to help the economy!!  I'm doing my part!

  The store was really hopping when I was there (twice, I hemmed and hawed about the RoB board purchase) and there were games on all the table space.  There is a paint bar and all the usual shelves of GW stuff and such.  If you're in the area, do hop in and say hi, you'll be treated well!

  I'm really looking forward to getting this beast primed and painted up.  I have been working on my own set of terrain boards, but to be honest, the thought of transporting them anywhere was daunting.  That and I was having to make them too generic in order to be flexible.  Now, they are going to go full Necron World.  Be ready, these Necron boards are going to be all Necron, all the time.

  So, off to bed with me, try to get rid of this cold and maybe build a desk...