Friday, February 15, 2013

WIPs and Chains and DFA!!

  Ok, no whips and chains, really...  I meant Works in Progress.  Get your minds out of there!!

  I am posting a pic of my new improved Aquila from the Honored Imperium set.  I think the stone look came out ok, but I think it will really pop when the background is painted on.  I am following the same basic thoughts as the Warhammer Lady (see link to the right).  I want that look of fallen stone, not the fallen metal Aquila I had tried before.  In retrospect, it looked garish in metal.  I'm glad I stripped it.  Hopefully I can knock it all out this weekend.

  Got a new piece of Pegasus Hobbies Terrain, the small Gothic City Building kit.  Very cool kit, it really is a decent investment, and I am just about to plunk down the money for the bigger set.  A great alternative to GW terrain and will make the board look a little different.  The picture just gives you an idea of what's in the box.  It snaps together, but for any real gaming, it will require glue and a lot of mold line work.  All the usual prime/paint stuff as well.  But again, their stuff is modular, so you can combine the kits in a particular range to get something really cool.  Odd part on this kit, no floor or roof.  Easy enough to fix, but just kind of odd.  Also, the conical caps for the columns, only 8 in the kit, but there is a crap-ton of columns.  I wish they had tossed in a few more sprues of those.  I may just have to cast some of those from plaster or something like that.  These are not a lot cheaper than the GW stuff, but the change in design and look is worth it, I think.

Also, just ordered Death From The Skies.  GW's new compendium of aerial rules.  Yes, I paid the $33 for the book, like a good GW fanboi should.  But it looks really cool.  And the promise of being able to use the Storm Raven with VSM and Templars is just too good to pass up!  Especially now that I have redone the fluff of my chapter to be a cross between BA and BT.  I have heard a lot of arguments that say this is a bad thing, GW selling this direct order only, with no pre-release hype, but I cannot say as I mind.  There are no secrets in this hobby, everyone knew it was dropping today.  I'm looking forward to it!