Monday, February 18, 2013

WIP - Storm Raven, Aquilla, Icon Mold

  Long weekend, short on ability.  Story of my life, it seems.  I did something to my arm Friday night and spent the whole weekend aching.  It falls asleep a lot and tingles just about all the time.  Methinks this is not good.  Anyhow, between that and some other malady's, my hobby work was cut quite short.   So, first off, a big "huzzah" to Danica Patrick for taking the pole for the Daytona 500.  you go, girl!

  Next, I was able to finish up on my Aquila.  This version does not suck nearly as bad as the last one.  Here it is, it still needs dullcote and some final tweaks...

  The next thing I worked on was the new icon for my chapter, the Templars Sanguine.  I will be putting up a whole page of their goodness, with preliminary fluff and designs very soon.  What I needed was the blood angels wings with a templar cross.  I can't have my brand spanking new chapter going around with the wrong iconography.  So, since I was working on my Storm Raven anyhow, I decided to cut apart the wings from one of the icons.  I also hacked up a banner from the Black Templar upgrade box to get the cross.  I had to chisel off the skull and re-shape it a bit, but it made the grade.

  I glued them down to a piece of styrene and got some InstaMorph ready.  I then made a mold for the new icon and it failed.  As I was setting the mold and pushing it down to get rid of any air bubbles, I must have shifted it.  It came out with a slight offset.  I'll have to remelt the InstaMorph again tomorrow and try it again. <sigh>

  Some pics of the process...

The basic look of the icon, glued to some styrene

Inside the InstaMorph, you can see the white spots where I messed up

InstaMorph, re-usable mold making plastic.  Great stuff!

I also worked on the Storm Raven.  Got the cockpit and interior painted up.  Just trying to make it look good, not crazy detailed.  Not too many folks are going to be looking in there...

  I realized after the pics that I hadn't added lines to the purity seals, so I did that... lol.  Amazing what pictures will show.  That's about it.  See ya next time.