Sunday, February 24, 2013

White Dorf, Stormraven and Icon WIP

  Well, it's the day of the Daytona 500.  Not much will get done today, but the new White Dwarf is out, Chaos Daemons everywhere.  Again, the catalog format is in full swing, but the battle report is quite good.  Adam Troke did up some nice Daemons and plays a good game.  I wish they had gone more into the details, but it looked like a fun game.  Overall, the issue is as good as any recent, but not anything to write home about.

  Did make progress on the Stormraven yesterday.  Got the wings attached, finished all the cockpit painting, painted the crew parts,  tinted the cockpit glass and generally built it out.  I was going to leave the wings off and magnetize them, to save storage space... but...  The wife told me that we would be building a display case for the Dining Room to house our miniatures.  Ok, sold!  (She fields Nids like all girls do :)

Cockpit finished

Crew colored

Cockpit tinted and weapons magnetized


  I also worked on the Templars Sanguine icon mold.  Version 2 is made, I just need to mix up some resin and go to it.

  Ok, maybe more later, have to watch the 42 rednecks chase the girl now....  lol, Go Junior!!!!!

Update 1 : What the hell happened to Picasa? It went from a little photo aggregator to something that now wants to index my entire hard drive and send everything to Google.  Well, deleted that damn thing.  Hey Google, go screw your mad selves!!