Friday, March 6, 2015

Next Level Painting - Check out the tutorials!

Hey guys,

  I don't normally hawk stuff on the site, I like simple opinions and reviews, but every now and then, something gets me excited about painting again. 

  For those who may not know, the guys at FTN (Forge the Narrative) have a great podcast and a great Monday night webcast.  But now, Kenny Boucher has a new, improved youtube channel and he is doing some crazy good stuff over there.  He is really launching a new series of painting tutorials in a big way, and I have to say, they are pretty good.  He gets really great looking effects and shows you how!

Check out Kenny's channel.... 

or his Facebook

  I am subscriber, but I am not getting kickbacks or anything.  Just trying to get the word out about a good painter doing good work.  Here are some other links for the FTN guys and their channels.  If you haven't heard/seen FTN, they are definitely my top listen now that the Independent Characters are going away!

FTN Podcast

FTN Youtube channel

Spikey Bits channel

Check them out, these guys have their shit together!