Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pegasus Barbed Wire kit review / Conquest / FTN Template

  Hey guys!  Here to review a kit I bought today from my FLGS.  It's the Pegasus Hobbies Barbed Wire kit.  This is a kit that has been around a while, but I was never interested because I used brass ethc barbed wire.  But for $6 I couldn't say no...  (Can I ever?)

  When I first saw it open, I was really disenchanted.  The barbed wire is on a plastic sprue with TONS of gates.  After looking at it though, it looks like real barked wire.  One of my knocks on the etched brass barbed wire has always been that they look really flat and 2 dimensional.  Even when you put a good twist on them, they look like twisted flat stuff.  The Pegasus barbed wire has barbs all over the surface, at different angles and degrees, so it looks good,

  That being said, this product does not look like real barbed wire up close.  There is no attempt made to even make it look like wire strands with barbed wraps on it.  My feeling is that at the distance most people will observe it (2-4 feet away), it will be as, or more, convincing than the brass etch stuff.  That is just an opinion though.  For up close, diorama use, the etched brass may have the better profile.  So, you decide.

  Of course, the sheer number of gates means you have to be careful getting this off the sprues. 
  I will let he pictures tell the tale!  I think it will look good from a distance, and the price is cheap, at 29 feet for $6 to $8.

  Also, I got the new Conquest cards (Zogwort's Curse) and my FTN Templates came in, Thanks TPM, Kenny, Rob and


And now... the pictures...

Older kit, been out for a while...
These are the posts to attach the barbed wire too, or you can toss them, they don't look great

Look at all those little gates.  Be careful with those sprue cutters :)
See, the barbs come out at different angles :)