Sunday, March 17, 2013

BatRep 500 (Necron-Space Wolf)

  So, finished up the first of hopefully many games in an escalation series that a friend of mine, Devin, and I are doing.  Doing an escalation style series of games gives it more of a campaign feel, even though we are using no campaign rules at all.  It is also highly motivational in the painting department.  I just realized that I have to paint up another 250 points of necrons before the weekend.  Holy Merde!

  We played on the Realm of Battle game boards that I have just finished up, and they worked really well.  The heavy flocking stayed put, dice rolled reasonably well (take that MightyTim!!), and all in all, I have to give them an A+.  Of course, all they did was lay there and sweat, so to speak.

The Finished boards to play on. I like the way the flocking came out.
  The game... well that was odd.  We started out at 500pts and we will escalate 250 pts each time, and we're sticking with our forces (Necrons for me, Space Wolves for Devin) throughout, although who knows about a few one-offs that may come up!  We rolled the mission as Big Guns Never Tire with the wonky diagonal deployment.  I lost the roll and had to set up first.  No biggy, three units.  The mission helped me by making my already Velveeta-Smooth Doomsday Ark scoring.

  My list was simple, if not cheesey.  I really didn't see the cheese until after though, I honestly picked this list based on what I had painted, not to be a club-hammer40k list.

500 Pts - Necrons Roster - Task Force OU-812

HQ: Overlord (1#, 120 pts)

   1 Overlord, 120 pts ((C:NE, pg. 30); Unit Type: Infantry; Staff of Light; Resurrection Orb; Ever-Living; Independent Character; Reanimation Protocols)

Troops: Immortals (5#, 85 pts)

   5 Immortals, 85 pts ((C:NE, pg. 34); Unit Type: Infantry; Tesla Carbine; Reanimation Protocols)

Troops: Warriors (9#, 117 pts)

   9 Warriors, 117 pts ((C:NE, pg. 33); Unit Type: Infantry; Gauss Flayer; Reanimation Protocols)

Heavy Support: Doomsday Ark (1#, 175 pts)

   1 Doomsday Ark, 175 pts ((C:NE, pg. 48); Unit Type: Vehicle (Skimmer, Open-topped); Doomsday Cannon; Gauss Flayer Array (each side); Quantum Shielding; Living Metal)

Total Roster Cost: 497
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  Yes, the Doomsday Ark was huge.  I was able to run it around and get a stationary shot on turn 2.  Str9 AP1 is awesome when the scatter die comes up direct hit!  I did this twice during the course of the game and it was the game breaker, really.  It took out his Rune Priest on turn 2 and his warlord.  Devastating to any size force, but magnified in a smaller force.  We did screw up though, we forgot the invul saves on his guys so that was a huge mistake as well (Hey' it's a 6th ed learning game for me! back off :)

 Some thoughts;

- Res Orb did not help at all.  I rolled lousy on RP rolls anyhow, but it was 30pts wasted, I think.
- Doomsday Ark + Stationary = Str9 AP1 = OMG!
- In a game that size, the Ark was cheese.  He had nothing on the table to confront it after his big ICs went out.  We totally messed that up, so it was kind of weird.

  All in all, have to call this a good, fun learning game, and nothing more.  Can't really claim a victory since it was based on cheese and 2 big errors.

  That being said... the Ark is in my 750 list...  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH.  We WILL rule the galaxy again, silly meat-sacks!

Pics to finish.  Stay Frosty, my friends.

Simple Terrain, it's a learning game.  We did use mysterious terrain (water)  Never got to it though.

Sneaking around the side in the bright blue pleasure machine.

The immortals are sooo screwed.  One actually lived...