Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tools of the Trade: Toe Nail Clippers... yeah!

   Just a really quick note here, wanted to pass on some old model railroad stuff.  When you are out looking to replace those old, worn out sprue cutters, do NOT go to the hobby store, or worse, GW.  They charge $15-20 for a sharpened pot-metal set of nippers that have an overall suck factor of %100.

  Instead, follow your wife/gf/so or whoever you know that has decent hygeine into walgreens, or CVS or where ever and buy toe nail clippers.  You may be amazed, depending on the store you go to, how many different kinds there are.  Here are some reasons to love them;

  • They are made of hardened steel, they last a crap-load longer than hobby sprue nippers
  • They come in a gazillion shapes, and since a lot of the GW sprues have gates VERY close to the part, hobby sprue cutters are usually too big to get in there.
  • They are cheaper.
  • People will think you actually have decent personal hygiene and who knows... might be date night soon???

  Here is a link to just a set on Amazon.  $12.00 as opposed to $15 for GW or similar and these will last a good deal longer.

  So there it is, just a quick bit of advice from an ol' modeler.

  In the next few days should have the 1,000pt BatRep up and some shots of the Night Scythe all finished and the Canoptek Wraiths in work...  So much to do, so little time...