Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Realm of Battle WIP

  So, I took the plunge a few weeks back and picked up a Realm of Battle game board set from GW.  I know, I know, I can hear you saying "What a slobbering fanboi".  Yup... and proud.  Listen, I have my homemade MDF terrain boards here and I even built a custom frame to wheel those 2' x 2' beasts around.  BACK off!! - LOL,  j/k.

  Yeah, I have heard all the complaints about the GW boards, but I liked the look of them.  Besides, GW could release the 2nd coming of Christ and they would get knocked for him being too expensive and way overpowered compared to Necrons.  My favorite complaint was that models slide down the hills on these boards.  I have to laugh my ass off at this.  If any of you think plastic minis are going to hold their position on slick plastic boards, you're too stupid to play 40k, turn in all your crap and get out your checkers set! (Yes, I heard this complaint on a podcast.  Somebody was stuck on stupid that day).  I have also heard people bitch that the hills are too gentle and people don't measure elevation changes during movement correctly.  Umm, SLAP THEM, they are cheating.  If you let it ride, then its your fault, get over it.

  I knew the board would need to be flocked going in so I laid in supplies.  I used thinned down acrylic tube paints blasted through an airbrush to do the terrain.  I find these paints tough and durable and they spray pretty well through a .5mm airbrush.  I used;

Raw Sienna (Liquitex Basics)
Burnt Sienna (Liquitex Basics)
Raw Umber (Liquitex Basics)

Payne's Grey (Liquitex) (Super secret wash...  more later)

  I also used a bunch of Woodland Scenic's blended turf and static grass flocks.

  You should be able to see from the pics what the steps were, but I'll elaborate as needed.  While not completely done, they are totally playable now.  I just need some washes around the skulls and some random terrain recoloring.

  So, on to the boards.  Enjoy!!

Ready to start terrain painting, except that the black primer I used (The cheap stuff from the hardware store...) was an enamel.  The acrylics didn't stick.  I had to dust white ACRYLIC primer on the boards to move forward.  Yes, I was stuck on stupid that day :)

White primer over blast shows here,  used progressively lighter mixes of the paints as I got away from the hills and crevasses.  Won't matter much here, but it does subtly change the flock color so you do see it in the final product.

 Finished boards, ready to flock.

 All the boards ready to flock.

Gluey...  just started though, the glue goes on thick.  50:50 mix of PVA, White, Elmer's glue to water.

  How did he get in here?  Damnit.  He's my warhound titan.  The Drool weapon is Strength 12 AP 1.  All wounds are instant death and he gets a 12" blast template...
  What the flock???  The boards flocked but not highlighted yet.

 Holy Flock, batman.  This place has gone to the dogs!  The little guy's name is Marnie.  YES, it is short for Marneus Calgar!!!  You can see my new Hawppah box, I gawt a hawpper.. yeah.

 The boards, highlighted with the Payne's Grey wash.  Dirty secret here.  Never wash terrain with black.  Hardly anything in nature is true black.  Payne's Grey is a color designed to represent dark shadow and natural darkness.  Mixed with water (like any wash) and applied with a brush to follow the contours really highlights them, but does not draw the eye away like a stark black would.

And, the ubiquitous skulls, dry-brushed to preserve the darkness and about to be washed again, with Sepia or maybe Payne's...

More later :)