Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tools of the Trade 2: Organizer

  So, I admit it, I'm a bit OCD when it comes to organizing my tools and workbench.  Ok, Alot OCD.  So I saw this organizer from a firm called HobbyZone in Poland.  It looked SWEET, so I looked into ordering one.  Nice price, only $47, but he shipping was another $46.  Yeeegads.  Somehow, I just couldn't justify that.  But it does look sweet...

  Further searching took me to Micro-Mark, my all around go-to guys for cool tools and such.  They have an organizer there that looks remarkably similar the Hobby Zone model.  So I ordered one.

  Well, it got here the other day, and I have to say, I am not totally impressed.  The one from HobbyZone sure looks alot more well constructed.  This one is not bad at all, but the finish is wonky, looks like a slap together job.  I had to tighten every knob on the drawers, they were loose to the point of falling out.

  But... once tightened, the whole unit was not that bad.  I am thinking about spray painting it, or maybe even staining it, not sure.  But it will surely do what I will ask of it.  It's not all that big too, so it fits nicely on the hobby desk.

  I am going to have to drill out the holes on the tool holder, way to small for most tools.  It is convenient and I'll bet that after a paint job, it will do just fine.  It's solid other than the knobs I related already.  The drawers are small, but they hold most of the clutter that seems to build up on a hobby desk.  I don't use much stuff that is on spools, so that section is kind of useless.  I may have to make a drawer to go into the area instead of the spool hanger.

  Some close up images follow...

  So, all in all, I don't feel ripped off.  I think the HobbyZone version looks and might even work better.  Certainly the pictures would indicate that.  But I am not going to claim foul on this one.  If you need an organizer, this one will do.