Sunday, March 24, 2013

BatRep 750 (Nec-SW) Doomsday Falls!

The Bloody End of it all
  How quickly doom falls!  In the 2nd Escalation game, the Necrons fell hard.  Bad setup, some lower than average rolling and power fist madness spelled doooom, and I'm not talking Doomsday Ark either.

  We rolled up the same deployment, diagonal and the mission was The Relic.  Easy peasy, lemon Squeezy, I thought.  I'll roll in, grab the relic and pound some space wolf butt...  Yeah, not hardly.

  My list follows;  Not terribly imaginative, but I thought I would the next squad of warriors just to contest more objectives and use a night Scythe to deliver them, and have a mobile gun platform.

750 Pts - Necrons Roster - Task Force OU-812-750

HQ: Overlord (1#, 130 pts)

   1 Overlord, 130 pts ((C:NE, pg. 30); Infantry; Warscythe; Resurrection Orb; Ever-Living; Independent Character; Reanimation Protocols; Warlord)

Troops: Immortals (5#, 85 pts)

   5 Immortals, 85 pts ((C:NE, pg. 34); Infantry; Tesla Carbine; Reanimation Protocols)

Troops: Warriors (10#, 130 pts)

   10 Warriors, 130 pts ((C:NE, pg. 33); Infantry; Gauss Flayer; Reanimation Protocols)

Troops: Warriors (11#, 230 pts)

   10 Warriors, 230 pts ((C:NE, pg. 33); Infantry; Gauss Flayer; Reanimation Protocols)

      1 Night Scythe ((C:NE, pg. 51); (DFTS, pgs. 61 & 70); Vehicle (Transport); 1 Access Point; 15 model capacity; TL Tesla Destructor; Deep Strike; Invasion Beams; Living Metal; Supersonic)

Heavy Support: Doomsday Ark (1#, 175 pts)

   1 Doomsday Ark, 175 pts ((C:NE, pg. 48); Doomsday Cannon; Gauss Flayer Array (each side); Quantum Shielding; Living Metal; Jink; Vehicle (Open-topped, Skimmer))

Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules
Total Roster Cost: 750
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  Also wanted to mention - Used the Battlemarker markers for this game, very handy, cannot recommend them highly enough!!!   The are an e-bay store that makes markers for all kinds of game systems, and all types of things.  The Reanimation Protocol, ever living, quantum shielding etc markers are so handy.  Well worth looking into!!!

The Board layout and Terrain
   So, The game went kind of predictably, night fight turn 1 and no really wonky warlord powers or anything like that.  Deployment for me was problematic.  I was facing SWs in gangs with Termies attached to them.  There was also a reserved Lone Wolf (I'll let Devin comment on his list :).  I put my Scythe with 10 warriors in reserve (no brainer, required...)  The squad of 10 warriors went for the walls near the center of the board and the immortals with the Overlord went center field to grab the relic.  The Ark was purposely put on the hard right flank to draw away (hopefully) some firepower from the center, alas it was not to work that way at all.

After turn 1, but an idea of how deployments looked
  Turn 1 saw me move the Ark up to bring the main and flank weapons to bear, all misses.  The warriors made it to the wall for cover, and the overlord & Immortals made the Ruins doorway and grabbed the relic.  Woooo hooo, I'm gunna win.

  Ahh, then brutal truth came in.  Devin started to flank me on both sides, and managed a great shot on the Ark to drop it's quantum shields, and immobilize it.  Well, that was marked for death from then on.  Wow, did that hurt.  But my fault for leaving it unsupported and he took great advantage of that mistake.  Over the next assault phases (His then mine, he killed the vehicle and freed up those two squads to force my hand with my reserves.

  The next turns were uneventful if you don't count 4 immortals dying and NONE coming back with the Overlord and Res Orb.  So, since the res orb has failed 2 games now, I am seriously thinking about dumping it.  Probably be better off with a Ghost Ark instead.

  Devin's flankers on my left managed to get pressure on the warriors there, and the CC was actually going decently, until the Lone Wolf and his doggies reserved in.  They had Acute Senses, so they got to come in right where they were needed and pounded me senseless.  Reanimation Protocols helped a little, but not enough.  After that it was a question of Devin maneuvering to box me in and get into CC.

  In my last three games, I have blown ever reserve roll and my reserves have all entered on turn 4.  Too late to affect the outcome in any meaningful way <sigh>.

  So, in short, Devin outplayed me pretty well in this and I paid the ultimate price for being cheeky with the Ark.  Won't happen again, fleshy meat sacks!!!  Muahahahahaha.  LOL

  High point of the game, challenging the enemy IC and killing it :)  Pyrrhic Victory, since it cost me the relic :)

More pics...

Ding-Dong... Avon Calling.

All your relic are belong to us

VICTORY.  Eat Hot Warscythe, slimy meat sack!!!

Oh crap, Melta??  Well, that sucks!!!

Lone wolf behind, hunters to the front...  warrior life sucks

Hey, gimme that back.  Relic Thieves!!!

Scything in, no effect.  Stupid TL guns

Turn 4 - 10 warriors, too little, too late

Yeah, I have you surrounded, metal-men

Relic Rugby, or smear the queer with rock!

  The game was a blast, again!  Thanks Devin!

  I learned - not to hang your flanks out when you have 0 support and they have melta...
  I learned - Reserve Rolls are LAME!!!!  LOL

Ok, next week - 1000 points!!! Now were cooking with Teflon and making wolf steaks!!